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About iSMS UG

Welcome to Uganda's leading Bulk SMS service provider! iSMS UG is Uganda's largest provider of bulk SMS messaging services. We offer large and small enterprises, public benefit organizations, and individuals affordable and dependable messaging services.

Our Bulk SMS messaging platform is safe, easy to use, inexpensive, and trustworthy, with a large capacity. The iSMS UG Platform is a web-based platform with powerful capabilities such as address book merging, history reporting, bulk contact imports, and more sophisticated SMS functions.

Bulk SMS Text Messaging allows you to communicate with your target audience via their mobile phone. Because a big portion of our population has a cellphone, SMS Text Messaging can deliver a message swiftly and effectively.

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Why iSMS UG?

Why should you choose our bulksms gateway instead of others?

Immediate SMS Delivery

No waiting's and delays. Send Instand SMS without delay using our platform

Mobile Money Topup.

Easy Top up using both Mobile Money or Airtel Money and Bank Payments

24/7 online support customer care.

Chat with experts online, social media sites or have us call you right away. You can also schedule a time for us to meet you when you're ready.

Send Bulk SMS text messages to all networks in Uganda.

Enter your Uganda mobile number and sms text and click send.

Send personalized sms

Personalized SMS helps increase customer interest in reading your message. SMS customization allows recipients to be concerned and make extra attention.

Easy to Use

Very simple to use and automatically removes replicas in case they exist


What some of our happy clients say!

This is the best BulkSMS platform i have ever seen

Pius - Technest

MD & Co-Founder

Its really a good innovation

Sara Wilsson


Helped boost my customer base within a month

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

Love its simplicity

Matt Brandon


Always reliable. Thanks guys.

John Larson



What are the cheapest Ugandan SMS bundles? Over the last 5 years, we've maintained our bulk SMS pricing low to guarantee that we can provide our customers with a high-quality SMS service at wholesale SMS bundle prices.



  • 2000 Msgs
  • Free Trial Messages
  • Free Platform
  • Free A/c Manager
  • Msg Expiry
  • SenderID



  • 100,000 Msgs
  • Free Trial Messages
  • Free Platform
  • Free A/c Manager
  • Msg Expiry
  • SenderID



  • 600,000 Msgs
  • Free Trial Messages
  • Free Platform
  • Free A/c Manager
  • Msg Expiry
  • SenderID

Frequently Asked Questions

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